Snow Machine Hire

Introducing our brand new silent snow generator for the festive season.

Snow Machine Hire

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

The Antari S-500™ is a large capacity “Silent” operation DMX controllable snow machine. The Antari S-500™, is housed in a durable road case with wheels and features a 5.2 gallon (20 Litre) capacity fluid tank, a 32.8 foot (10 meter) long air hose for easy rigging on a stand or truss, and adjustable wind volume and flow rates. The road case features a small access door for the air hose so can the case can closed when in use for "Silent" operation.

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Snow Fluid

The Antari snow liquids are high quality and environment friendly liquids. They are available in 4 different versions which can be chosen to achieve your desired effect for your application.



The SL-5 is a general snow liquid and takes longer time to get vaporised. Main applications are outdoor or places that you would like to accumulate snow. Because the SL-5 takes longer to get vaporised you can get a more slippery situation depending on the surface where it is used.



The SL-5N has similar properties as the SL-5. The main difference for the SL-5N is that it will create finer snowflakes.



The SL-5A is a premium and high vapoury snow liquid, snowflakes will also disappear soon. It applies better for indoors or stages particularly where a snow scene is preferred or needed without leaving a thick snow layer on the floor. The SL-5A will also leave less residues and creates a less slippery surface.



The SL-5AN has similar properties as the SL-5A. The main difference for the SL-5AN is that it will create finer snowflakes.

Hire Rates

Snow Machine Hire

Day Rate £85.00

Weekend Rate £160.00

Week Rate £225.00


Snow Fluid

SL-5Snow fluid 5l regular £18.95 per 5l

SL-5N Snow Fluid Fine regular £12.50 5l

Premium Snow Fluids

SL-5A 5 litre regular £21.95

SL5-AN 5 litre fine £14.50


All prices exclude VAT, delivery and snow fluid

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Power: AC230V, 50Hz / 60Hz

Power Consumption: 1,200W

Output: 400 ml / min

Tank Capacity: 20 liter

Weight: 37.2 Kg

Optional: PM-1, Wireless DMX

DMX On Board

Dimension(mm): 592 x 551 x 651

Recommended Liquid: Antari SL-5, SL-5N Snow / Foam Liquid, Antari SL-5A, SL-5AN Snow Liquid Premium